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Times Tables Rock Stars

Times Tables Rock Stars has very successfully boosted times tables recall speed for hundreds of thousands of pupils over the last 8 years in over 15,000 schools - both primary and secondary - worldwide.

Our Puzzle of the Week is designed to address the importance of problem-solving in the curriculum, but of equal importance are the basic, fundamental skills of multiplying and dividing. These skills underpin so much of what students do in Mathematics that students who can't recall times tables facts quickly find it slows down everything else they do too.

The team at TTRS have worked hard to make speed recall of times tables fun, as evidenced by their numerous awards. (A whole-school subscription to TTRS is also a mere £60 per year!). We've harnessed the competitive element by creating a quiz where the challenge is to beat your previous best score (or time!).

Times Tables Rock Stars Quiz

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FormTimeSorted is a really simple, easy way to provide useful activities and relevant discussion for tutorial sessions without needing to dedicate a lot of time to preparing resources.

We've really enjoyed using it this year, with some brilliant debates taking place and lot of genuine competition between students on the literacy and numeracy activities!

It'll continue to be a key piece of our tutorial and PSHE framework for next year.

Richard Wood, Claremont High School

FormTimeSorted has proven an invaluable resource for form time.
As a Head of Year, I have found that both staff and students have enjoyed the resources, and the site couldn't be easier to use.
Much better than the SMSC PowerPoints we've endured before!

Jules Houghton-Wood, Stanground Academy

Home 4 Schools has helped us to streamline our tutorial sessions. Students are engaged and interested, and they always enjoy the debates!

We have used FormTimeSorted in both small group and whole class exercises. The website is easy to navigate and the pre-printed workbook allows staff to pick up the resources and pick out activities that engage their class the most.

It has reduced my personal workload as having a term ready in one book means I am always planned for when I have a tutorial. Cover supervisors have found FormTimeSorted a useful tool as the stimulus presented can be built upon to form a whole lesson during teacher absences.

Numeracy, literacy, problem solving and being able to form and put forward an opinion are skills that are always in need of development, particularly with our SEN learners. The use of today's news gives a valuable opportunity to explore students' world views and understanding. I have seen classes work through from opposing viewpoints to a conclusive consensus and this is just marvellous!

Emily is always on hand to help and responds promptly to feedback and suggestions. Undoubtedly the most valuable business card I've ever picked up at Bett.

Hannah Lane, Rumworth School