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Don't waste your valuable time planning activities - our fully resourced, ready-to-go solution for form time will leave you more time for everything else.

  • Enable your tutors to build better relationships with students. The better they know their tutees, the quicker they can pick up on problems - that means less of the drama ends up at the year office.
  • Simple to implement - all tutors have to do is open the site, and a set of activities are waiting. We can even send out a weekly email with tips for the next SMSC topic for you.
  • Get consistency across the entire school, so that any 'visitors' walking into form time will see a clearly embedded approach to SMSC, British values, literacy and numeracy in every single tutor group.
  • Use the (optional) free pdf workbook, condensed for low printing costs *, to evidence your provision. That means even if Ofsted are visiting on a 'literacy' day, they'll be able to see what's been done in SMSC each week in the booklets. You know it's what they want to see, so make it easy for them to find!
    * current workbook is only 4 sheets of A4 per student per half term.
  • FormTimeSorted activities help build key skills for the double-weighted English and Maths GCSEs.
  • A subscription works out at just £2 a day for the entire school. Altogether, it's less than the cost of a day's supply.

Keep both tutors and tutees happy with engaging activities for every morning (and never have to worry about what they're doing again!)

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