Form Tutor

Have you ever found yourself watching Newsround for the third day in a row, because there's nothing else available? Do you find there's no time to get all the admin done, because you're busy managing behaviour, or leading activities, or listening to stroppy teenagers complaining they're bored...?

Banish the boredom by using our ready-to-go activities, and never face an SMSC powerpoint again.

All our resources are designed to be completed independently - they should all be able to run without you. (You have way too much to do already!)

That said, if you'd like to get involved, I'm sure your tutees would love to know your ideal superpower, or debate with you whether school uniforms should be banned...
We don't put on any activities we wouldn't be happy doing ourselves (and yes, we've got over 30 years form-tutoring experience between us.)

Super Tutor!